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i just adore thinking about peoples sexuality

its like an aura around a person- not everyone is sexual and not everyone was born with it/chose it ya know

like children they don’t have it obviously

and old people

but its not inherently human to be sexual

i think


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i need to just force myself to do the shit i know i love

leader cj bitch

get yo keywords down don’t you know what leader cj is???

what i have written down all over the fackin place

written on the walls somewhere


leader cj. noun. definition: the person who nags my body all the time, always dreaming big and thinking large-picture

the voice i need to actually become

one of the super-power series- having everything at once.

this will be a super powers spring

essentially i want to give up the small struggles i face- like boredom and a lack of self control- so i can experience the be’s that i need to be

and then i can do the things i need to do

and appreciate all that i need to appreciate from there

i need to give up the small struggles and fuck the small struggles that keep me every goddamn day

i want to finish my schoolwork at 7 every day- working on a picnic table behind uts diligently every fuckin day- and then i want to see a new person in a different part of town, i want to go to dinner with random friends, i want to see a new part of the city

and i hope all of it comes in a series kind of way, like every new adventure has a purpose

like the growth of a new friendship or a project

-the photo book! or the documentary-

i want to have shit tons of fun. i want to be proud of who i am. i want to have great friends and a great life, and i want to think and be thought of- i want it all. and could there be a better time to pursue it?

make yourself feel better and more centered by doing all the things you know you love about the world and youll feel conscious and able to see things as they are, crisp

like jesus

all i remember from last spring is working out a lot and making popsicles and sleeping with eli

but thats shitty memories compared to like

also the rain and running in thunderstorms

those were fun- the lighting was weird, along with the wetness in my shoes and the awesome feeling of pressure in the sky and going really really fast but not because you hate the rain like everyone else running down the street

i want different memories from this spring. you know? i want a perfect season- i want my sunsets to come from somewhere else

i was just thinking when staring out my window tonight that i don’t have a lot of memories from the summer, sitting in my bed

because i was out and about, never coming home until later on

i want to be very efficient this spring- getting the things that make up my backbone done earlier rather than later- studying for data and bio tonight so i can go on adventures tomorrow

and feel awake for them, too

and i want to experience the city this spring, loving everything that crosses my path

i want to go on adventures and be unconscious but so so conscious

i want to get my work done and then see shit

i want to work out and be very fit- not for skinniness but so that i can walk for days and feel good about my lung capacity

(and for skinniness of course like plz)

but i want to basically have all the things i’ve wanted to have, which are stresslessness in relation to school work, a good family life but distance, still, from them; doing chores and talking to them and following their rules, but also spending like 0 hours at home

i want to have a lot of fun and have only a few friends and i want to have GREAT sex- i want to do fantastic drugs (but not too many) and i want to take photos and paint a lot, and go on walks in forests

i want to sit outside and feel perfect and feel perfectly at home

i want to love everything around me and feel happy and love others more than i love myself

i want to stop being so waste

all the god




Transparent Lotus. (x).


Transparent Lotus. (x).

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i am actually crying right now i am so angry at robert halperin

stop ruining your girlfriends’ lives because you’re a selfish, manipulative and needy person

and don’t fucking yell at me because i have the balls to say something to you about it

Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid 2

why is this so good? like holy shit?



our gaping fish mouths drown

hollow crimson cups, emancipated hands

grasping, and the chasms of eyes reflect

a smeared room of carnivorous talking heads


the cups seduce us, locking lips

with our black gnashing teeth

wiping kisses from our bleeding

mouths, victimising us

we gag back burning water until we

vomit salmon sunsets on lime green rugs


and we want

knocking hips, fumbling

darkness, we pound our violet smiles into theirs, craving

the sight of ourselves and wanting to feel like



blushing orange sunrises will light our cheeks


and hope that our ragged nails have not dug

concave moons, that will bleed

from unknown chests onto our open

lips (for then we must cleanse again with

crimson cups,



-Maya Watson’s_and_don’ts_for_really_good_sex these are surprisingly ok

finally there has been something to completely distract me from alex

its so lovely i can feel this spring being a nice one, probably even better than 2012’s

but wouldnt u just want to jump again later on

but wouldnt u just want to jump again later on