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motivation to finish homeowkr: so i can listen to music with lyrics

if boys rly like sex and shit and whatever


what they like

then why do women like

awww i remembered your favourite tv show here honey i love you!!

like why not just use logic

why do u have to pretend like theyre a different person than they are 

if you like someone then why have specific intentions

why not just see what they contribute to your life and see what you like and if you like it keep at it

or something

why do they have to be specifically good for certain things like emotional security or watev


if alex flidis taught me anything its that you dont know someone ever

and u definitely dont know them after two weeks :O

also lol that people take social norms so seriously

"heres what it would be like if women had to propose to men!!"

WHOA SO OUT THERE! what about the entire institutions of gender marriage and power and relationships

i wish i could just go all out at something. im so torn but like i guess i shouldnt be why the hell should i be..


im literally dying its so funny mannnnnnn ur drunk on the internet!

im literally dying its so funny mannnnnnn ur drunk on the internet!

earth exploding in 3 2 1

earth exploding in 3 2 1

definitely needa workout more

why is it better not to have intentions?

jeff said that he has no intentions that hes just flowing but i feel like hes motivated to do something cause hes accomplished a lot i guess.

idk how you can have both

have no intentions and yet have motivation

actually i see exactly

cuz nothing matters at all and once you accept it you can move on

and move

or something


who knows

hey kat


Dragoon & Hydra

why are you unwilling to die

how could you be “ready” to die

as if understanding something is separate from engaging in it

as if the real or true things in life are somehow above these concepts that astound and are completely too profound for most of us to begin to understand.

you feel like you understand death so youre above a muderer in terms of this, how?….

so many weird human invented concepts like sex and death

so many weird humans

humans are capable of murder and doesnt that mean we understand them

when we are capable of killing another person and having it make sense in our minds

why do people have sex and act like fertility is something linked to drugs and alcohol

the most meaningful things like life death sex fertility and the manipulation and the extremely intimate experiences are reserved for the people who society thinks understand them the least